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Flanders has not funded food banks

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Social Integration Minister Denis Ducarme said on Thursday that he had found solutions for the shortages affecting food banks.
However, he noted in Het Belang van Limburg newspaper that Flanders was not contributing to the European fund for food banks, whereas Wallonia and Brussels-Capital regions had agreed to do so.

Ducarme (MR) said he has many solutions for resolving the shortages of basic goods that food banks need for their packages, such as milk, flour, rice or pasta. These solutions include prolonging contracts with past suppliers and extending the duration of the supply period for new contracts.

“By March, everything should be in order,” he said. “To compensate for this period, I have earmarked an additional 150,000 euros.” Ducarme added that the Federal Government had already transferred more money that originally scheduled to the food banks: 14 million euros instead of 11 million since 2014.

“Wallonia has also transferred 13.2 million and Brussels 8.6 million, but Flanders isn’t giving anything.”

As a result, there is also less foodstuff to distribute.

Andy Sanchez

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