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5G technology will not be achieved before 2020 at the earliest

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It will not be possible to introduce 5G technology in Belgium in 2019, L’Echo and De Tijd both report on Friday.
The project has fallen behind, in relative silence, according to both daily publications.

5G is a fifth generation mobile network technology, designed to meet significant data growth. 

The economics magazine Trends reported, on Thursday, that the bids for frequency bands will be deferred to 2020, and the project is likely to be the next federal government’s responsibility, short of agreement in the forthcoming consultation committee meeting on 6th February.

“The prospect of being able to reasonably organize these current 2019 bids in the right conditions is becoming ever increasingly remote,” declared Michel Van Bellinghen on Friday in L’Echo. He is the President of the Council for the Telecommunications Regulator (known as the “IBPT”). 

The frequency bands must be subject to invitations to tender, so as distribute the spectrum between the various mobile operators, who are then tasked with providing 2G, 3G and 4G, and in the future 5G, to end users.

It is therefore a crucial process, but the various levels of government within Belgium have divergent views as to its operation. Such applies especially around the updating of broadcasting standards in Brussels, a prerequisite for deploying 5G connectivity.

Oscar Schneider

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