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Climate demonstrations: Ecolo calls for ‘green tickets’ at preferential rates

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Whilst successive climate demonstrations are taking place, both Ecolo and Groen are requesting that the SNCB once again offer ‘green tickets’, with a preferential 5-euro rate (for a return ticket), to demonstrators wishing to take part.
“The SNCB did this for the demonstration of 2nd December, which was a success. Why not offer tickets at the same rate this time, to enable a larger number of people to take part in the demonstrations,” asks the federal Ecolo deputy, Sarah Schlitz.

“The SNCB is part of the solution for a transition in how we get around. In its way, by offering ‘green tickets’, the organisation is also demonstrating in favour of climate, and putting itself on the side of the thousands of citizens of all stances, who are each demanding change and solutions,” she adds. 

The Greens believe that climate should be able to take advantage of a suitable pricing structure, when connected to large-scale events. “Preferential prices are offered during commercial events, such as Black Friday, one-offs such as the Brussels Motor Show, or for specific activities, such as journeys to theme parks or tourist locations,” says Sarah Schlitz. “Climate could certainly, as a category, be easily operated according to given parameters,” she continues.

Moreover, the Greens are inviting the SNCB to guarantee, for the demonstration scheduled for this Sunday, in Brussels, that the rail offer meets the capacity for the numbers expected. “On 2nd December, the number of trains was greatly insufficient. We hope that the train infrastructure will be increased on the day,” the federal Ecolo deputy further stresses. Lastly she calls upon the Minister for Mobility, François Bellot, to exert his ministerial responsibility, and in doing so support the thousands of people intending to join these climate demonstrations.”

Lars Andersen

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