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Impatient drivers obstruct crossings 7 times out of 10

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Seven times out of ten car drivers proceed driving to the middle of a crossing, knowing they risk to get stuck themselves or obstruct other traffic, even though traffic regulations formally forbid it, according to a new survey.
Traffic organisation Touring held the survey at fifteen crossings in the country, counting the number of times the crossing was obstructed by drivers. The situation was worst at the crossing of the Rue du Commerce and the Rue de la Loi in Brussels. According to the countings, the crossing was obstructed after each changing of the lights.

“Impatient drivers often hurry to pass the green light and then suddenly get stuck in the middle of a crossing, irritating other road users. Meanwhile, drivers from the opposite direction have a green light but they cannot set out,” explained Lorenzo Stefani, spokesperson for traffic organisation Touring, to NewMobility.

“This behaviour causes traffic congestion and pollution,” Stefani concluded. He also referred to article 14.2 of traffic regulations, saying that even when the traffic lights are green, a driver is not allowed to approach a crossing when it is not free of traffic yet. A fine for the infringement costs 58 euro.

Touring suggests painting a yellow check pattern on the entire surface of the crossing as a solution. “Another solution could be the return of a police officer directing traffic and avoiding traffic jams and pollution,” they added.

Maïthé Chini

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