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Plans for new De Lijn bus terminal in Brussels put on hold

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A new De Lijn bus terminal at the Gare du Nord in Brussels will not be built for the next few years, Bruzz reported on Thursday.
The Flemish public transport company will limit itself to making a few adaptations to its existing terminal under the CCN building.

De Lijn had wanted to move its terminal to the Gare du Nord for some time now. The existing location is dark, with little social control and travellers do not feel safe there.

Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet first announced in late January that the permit for the proposed new terminal would be issued in February. However, the plans have since been put on hold, Brussels Premier Rudi Vervoort (Parti Socialiste) said in Parliament in response to a question from Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA) legislator Cieltje Van Achter.

A working meeting with the various parties was held in late February. “We came to the conclusion that the project requires a considerable investment, whereas it is quite possible for the building to be largely modified in under two years at the initiative of the new owner(s),” Vervoort explained.

The CCN building is up for sale and its future is uncertain. In the meantime, De Lijn has decided to limit itself to a few light modifications to improve customers’ comfort, the utility told Bruzz.

Christopher Vincent

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