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"Youth for Climate" will not quit while ahead

by editor
The “Youth for Climate” students movement will continue their protests until the May elections, they announced after the success of their “march for climate” that brought together tens of thousands of young people on Thursday in the streets of Brussels.
In the future, actions of this kind may be organized throughout the country.

“Our march for climate and the participation of 14,000 demonstrators who skipped classes to be there, has been noticed abroad, even in America. If we continue in this way, it can really become international, and that would be great,” one of the initiators of the movement, Anuna De Wever, enthusiastically says.

The “Youth for Climate” network is growing, especially in Wallonia. “We are now trying to translate as many of our messages and campaigns as we can into English as well, so that everyone in Belgium and abroad can say: ‘We participate. Let’s go!’” Anuna De Wever concludes.

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