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VIDEO : Santa Claus students graduate in Brazil

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Students of Brazil’s School of Santa Claus celebrate their graduation ahead of the Christmas season outside the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Founded in 1993, the school prepares its students for a job acting like Santa Claus in malls or at private events.

Limachem Cherem is the Director of the Brazil Santa Claus School and he said, “Our mission, the mission of Santa Claus is to bring peace, love, happiness, affection, tenderness, hugs, whatever government we have.”

Paulo Roberto Santos graduated at the age of 63 and hopes the upcoming new Brazil president will take care of the children. “I hope that whoever comes to occupy the presidency of Brazil does the best for our people, especially for the children, education, and health. The children are those who are most in need at this time.”

Denilson da Costa is 57 years old and graduated too. He said with so much war going on in the world, it’s a great way to bring some joy. “A good Santa Claus always brings joy and hope for children. We are in a world with many wars, we need a world of peace and to bring serenity for children, to bring joy, bring a message of peace to children.”

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