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Water emerges from a 150-year-old mulberry tree after heavy rainfall

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Who said that springs come only from the ground or rocks?

In Dinoša, which is located 5 km from Podgorica, a spring of water spurts out of a mulberry tree at a height of about 1.5 m. According to a local who studied this phenomenon, something like this is “unique in the world.”

Visitors have the opportunity to observe this very rare natural phenomenon, which first appeared about 20 years ago and occurs during the period of heavy rains.

In this area, there are a lot of trees, but there is also growing one specific 150-year-old mulberry tree.

Experts and residents of this place are convinced that the spring is a water source, which would lay right below the tree’s roots. For years, water might have searched its way and found it straight through the tree.

The phenomenon is so popular that when water breaks through the tree, many residents, tourists, media, and others come to witness what a natural phenomenon looks like in real life.

It is caused by large amounts of precipitation, more precisely during the Spring and Autumn months. Stronger groundwater comes to the surface during a longer rainy season under pressure.

Emir Hakramaj, a resident of Dinoša who never misses when there is a “breakthrough” of water, said that there are many springs in this part of Dinoša but that this one is a special case.

Locals call this miracle of nature a gift from God or Mother Nature.

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