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VIDEO : Watch: Multiple areas across Ukraine suffer from latest wave of Russian strikes

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A wave of Russian strikes hit Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine on Monday ahead of Moscow’s 9 May Victory Day Parade.

The Ukrainian air command said that all 35 Russian drones launched at Kyiv were detected and shot down. 

Local military administration said at least five people were injured, with falling debris blamed for damage in multiple areas, including in Svyatoshynsky, an urban district in Ukraine’s capital. 

The local residents in Svyatoshynsky said Sunday night was a worrying night.

Vladyslav said “It was more scary that we were hearing drone for the first time. And it flew just so low. It was really scary. Otherwise, a bang is just a bang. It’s a pity that people were hurt.”

Vadym said “The alarm was at night. Everything is very loud here. It was very hard. I felt it. I live in a neighbouring house. Everything was shaking a lot. Impressions, of course, are sad. You can convey “fiery greetings” to those who fulfil this with the appropriate wishes. As far as I know, there were no victims.”


Russian forces overnight used long-range bombers to launch “up to eight” cruise missiles at Ukraine’s southern Odesa region, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian air force said on Monday morning.

According to the remarks by Yuri Ihnat, some of the Soviet-era missiles self-destructed or fell into the sea before striking targets.

Ukraine’s Operational Command “South” reported earlier Monday in a Facebook post that fires broke out at a food warehouse and recreational facilities on the region’s Black Sea coast as a result of drone hits.

Ukraine’s State Emergency Service shared a video showing blazes tearing through gutted concrete structures, and firefighters working at the sites.

As of Monday morning, there were no reports of casualties.

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