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World Judo Masters Hungary 2023: Buchard take home gold for France

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Japan’s judoka managed to take home three gold medals, while the Canadian Jessica Klimkait secured her first ever Masters gold.

Budapest is a city of two worlds: history and modernity. And also a city of dreams.

This weekend, Hungary completes its World Judo Tour collection. With the Masters, Budapest has now officially hosted every level of event on the tour, making it a second home for Judo.

At -48kg, Japanese youngster Koga Wakana defeated USA’s Laborde with an expert seoiotoshi. A first Masters gold medal for Koga.

IJF Ambassador Her Imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa awarded the medals.

Taking a second gold medal home for Japan was Nagayama Ryuju at -60kg, besting Enkhtaivan with a sode-tsurikomi-goshi for waza-ari-awasete-ippon to send the local crowd wild. Nagayama is now a triple Masters Champion.

Awarding the medals was Taishan Group Chairman & Founder Mr BIAN Zhiliang.

In the -52kg category, four-time masters and reigning Olympic champion Krasniqi faced off against Buchard – a masters champion herself. Taking it to Golden Score, France’s Buchard quickly drove for a waza-ari, ending the contest and securing her second Masters gold in front of enthusiastic fans and displaying judo values.

Mr Max-Hervé GEORGE, Ultima Group CEO presented the medals.

“I’m every time happy to fight in the masters, because I love a challenge and I love to fight the best Judoka. So for me today was really important to come back on the top,” said Buchard.

At -66kg, Ryoma Tanaka had been on great form all day, and had his mind set only on gold.

An incredible ippon in the final against World number one Vieru secured his masters title. An amazing result. A bright future lies ahead for Tanaka.

Awarding the medals was Tianjin Shengzhi Sport Ltd President Mr Junyuan ZHANG

“It’s my first time in the Masters competition. I’ve been training every day to become Masters Champion and today, I did, so I’m very happy,” said Tanaka.

At -57kg Jessica Klimkait was victorious all day. In the final she met dynamic Sarah Leonie Cysique who was also having an incredible day.

In the final Klimkait shocked the crowd, scoring ippon in the Golden Score, which marked a first ever World Judo Masters gold for the Canadian.

Awarding the medals was ANOCA President & IOC Member Mr Mustapha BERRAF.

Hungarian hero, Pupp Reka was in great form – inspiring the local aspiring judoka.

An amazing start to the Judo Masters. There will be more tomorrow for day two in Budapest, as the World’s best judoka compete for the prestigious title.

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