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Czech PM Babiš confronted by his son on campaign trail

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Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš had to deal with an angry voter on the campaign trail, his own son.

“I wish you good luck with your campaign to fool the Czech nation,” Andrej Babiš Jr. told his father Thursday during a campaign stop in Ústí nad Labem ahead of October’s election, according to local media.

The younger Babiš then made clear he wishes to testify against his father in an EU subsidy fraud investigation. The prime minister has in the past claimed his son cannot testify as he “is mentally ill. He takes medication. He has to be supervised.”

“I have just left a psychologist’s surgery and I have a court expert. How do you feel when you see me? Why did you hurt me?” said Babiš Jr.

The two have been at loggerheads for years. In 2018, the senior Babiš denied allegations that his son was kidnapped in order to prevent him from testifying in the investigation, which is looking into charges that the PM illegally accepted €2 million in EU subsidies related to a farm and convention center called Stork’s Nest. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, calling the charges politically motivated.

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