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Restaurant review: Al Volo

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What’s good: Pretty much everything. Al Volo makes one hell of a sandwich. I had doubts about whether the Vegetariano would live up to my expectations, as it’s essentially vegetables and pesto in bread. It did. Not only did it pack in flavor, the textures were also superb. When something simple knocks it out of the park, you know you’re onto a good thing.

Other menu staples include the Caro, with beef tartare and truffle; and the Silano, with mortadella and Caciocavallo cheese. Opt for extra mozzarella, truffle or sausage if you’re feeling extravagant or need a mood boost after a bad morning at the office. Al Volo also has a small menu of hot meals and nibbles on offer.

What’s not? As its name implies, Al Volo (which means “on the fly” or “on the go”) isn’t the best place for a sit-down meal. Thankfully, the nearby Leopold Park is a pleasant alternative — if you can manage to shield your lunch from the local wildlife.  

Vibe: Down-to-earth and friendly, with a clientele composed mostly of Eurocrats and their entourage.

Who’s picking up the check? Al Volo won’t break the bank, but it isn’t cheap either. The Vegetariano will set you back €6.30, while sandwiches containing meat can cost as much as €8.20. Add extras and your bill will creep up into the double digits.

Spotted: An alluring selection of Italian jams and biscuits for sale behind the counter.

Insider tip: The Autogrill, with chicken and homemade mayo, is an homage to Italy’s eponymous roadside restaurants. It’s nostalgia in a baguette for anyone who’s spent time on the country’s motorways.

Fun factAl Volo also sells artisanal ice cream to those in need of something sweet to round off their meal. Buon appetito!

How to get there: Al Volo is just off Jourdan Square. It’s a 10-minute stroll downhill from the Schuman roundabout or Luxembourg Square.

Review published on  June 27, 2024. Illustration by Dato Parulava/POLITICO

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