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Cities prepare to say goodbye to red letterboxes

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Cities will be the first targets of the Belgian Post Office service’s plan to slash the number of red letterboxes, according to lists sent to the municipalities and published on Monday by De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad.
In about 100 communes, nothing will change. Elsewhere, about one letterbox in four will disappear, reducing the number countrywide from 12,960 to 9,984 by the month of March, according to BPost’s timelines.

The impact will be highest in cities, where the network is denser. In the communes in Brussels, one in every three letter boxes will disappear. In Ghent, four out of 10 will go, while half of those in Charleroi and a quarter of Antwerp’s will be eliminated.

However, there will always be at least one letterbox in every 500 metres in cities and one every 1,500 metres in the countryside, BPost stressed.

Maria Novak

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