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Actiris wants to train undocumented migrants in labour-strapped vocations

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The Brussels Employment Office, Actiris, wants to authorise undocumented migrants to register with it to receive professional training in labour-strapped vocations, La Libre reported on Wednesday.
The Actiris management committee approved a proposal to that effect in late January.

The aim is to give undocumented migrants access to jobs in professions that are short of workers. The plan is based on the difficulties experienced by actors in the field, such as the Belgian employers’ federation Agoria, trade unions and the public welfare centres (CPAS), according to an internal note to which La Libre had access.

 “We are playing our role as the representative of Brussels employment, as an administration that assesses a need, and looks into the matter,” Actiris Director-General Gregor Chapelle told La Libre. “The issue is quite delicate, but there is unanimity on it. The proposal has been supported 100-percent by all our social partners.”

The Actiris proposal had not yet reached the office of Brussels Labour Minister Didier Gosuin. “As soon as I receive it, I shall analyse it,” he said. The measure would have to be validated legally, the regional labour minister warned, adding that residence permits were the purview of the Federal Government.

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