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Belgian athletes clash with conduct body over image rights

by editor
Today’s announcement of the Belgian selection for Glasgow’s 2019 European Athletics Indoor Championships (1-3 March) was cancelled because of a conflict between the athletes and the Belgian federation on the new code of conduct, LRBA (Royal Belgian Athletics League) announced.
The final selection will be announced Monday. 

“The code’s regulations on selected athletes’ clothing and on wavering image rights are problematic. They request athletes “to maximize the visibility of official national equipment” without combining it with that of personal sponsors. The athletes would also be required to surrender their image rights.

According to various media, fines up to 20,000 euros are planned for non-compliance with this agreement. To confirm their Euro selection, athletes were to return this agreement duly signed before 10 am Thursday. Many athletes refused to do so. 

At noon today, the Federation announced the cancellation of this afternoon’s meeting between the athletes and the press. “Considering the context and in order to calm the situation, the LRBA will communicate no further on this before Monday, 25 February at 6 pm, when the final selection will be announced,” they said.

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