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Teachers’ have high levels of job satisfaction

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Some 93% of head teachers and 88% teachers enjoy coming to school each morning.
Amongst these, nearly nine out of ten claim to believe in the success of every pupil and feel sufficiently qualified with all of the appropriate tools for their job, reports a SeGEC survey. The latter organisation is the general secretariat for Catholic education. The survey results were published on Friday in Le Soir

Three-quarters of school managements are pleased with the collaboration in their school but regret, to the same extent, the lack of professional development amongst teachers, indicates the study.

Moreover two-thirds of primary school managements believe parents, particularly through parent teacher associations, provide active support in school life. That having been said, nearly one in three teachers expect greater parental interest in school work. One in two would prefer parents to have greater involvement in school life.   

Nearly 100,000 pupils, teachers and parents took part in this survey carried out by SeGEC, as part of a pilot scheme, itself one of the pillars of the so called “Excellence Pact”. 

Lars Andersen 

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