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China’s role in Ukraine — Wartime leaders — Refugee crisis

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This week we examine China’s role in the Ukraine crisis and unpack the latest EU efforts to bring the war to an end. We also hear how organizations like the UN Refugee Agency are supporting Ukrainian refugees.

POLITICO’s Sarah Wheaton brings us up to speed on the latest news from Europe, including another round of EU sanctions and a visit to Kyiv by the prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Sarah is joined by POLITICO’s EU-China correspondent Stuart Lau who explains the role that China and its leader Xi Jinping are playing in this war — whether China will provide economic or military support to Russia or try to balance its own interests and side with Western demands.

And POLITICO’s David Herszenhorn joins from Brussels to analyze how EU and European leaders are managing their wartime roles.

Our special guest is Sophie Magennis, head of the policy and legal support unit at UNHCR’s (the UN Refugee Agency) representation for EU affairs in Brussels. Magennis explains the work her orgnization is doing in Ukraine and neighboring European countries. She also discusses the EU’s policy response to the needs of over three million refugees who have fled the war in recent weeks. Here’s more information from UNHCR on how you can help for those in Belgium and around the world.

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