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Denmark says Ukraine should get first F-16s ‘this summer’

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The first F-16 fighter jets should be delivered to Ukraine’s air force by this summer, Denmark’s Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said today.

Poulsen said Denmark would deliver the first F-16s within a few months “if the preparations proceed as planned” for pilot training and infrastructure development.

The other countries pledging General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons to Ukraine are the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium; more countries are training Ukrainian pilots.

Poulsen’s comments came as Copenhagen approved a further €228 million military aid package to Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is entering its third year, and so continued military support for Ukraine is completely decisive for the outcome of the war,” said Poulsen.

The package includes 15,000 artillery shells — paid for by the Danes and purchased through the Czech Republic — to be delivered “within a few months” to Ukraine, according to the defense ministry, and also mine clearance equipment, drones, radars and communication gear.

The news comes after Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at the Munich Security Conference that she would pledge all of country’s artillery arsenal to Ukraine, and a few days after Sweden announced another round of donations.

Despite pledges of continued support, the Ukrainian military is now heavily outnumbered in artillery shells and barrels.

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