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Toxic powder found at government buildings in Brussels

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Police found letters containing brucine, a toxic white powder, at several government offices in Brussels, the city’s prosecutors said on Friday.

The envelopes were discovered Thursday at the Palais de Justice, at the office of Belgium’s Justice Minister and at the State Security Building, the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Police were notified of the discovery and isolated anyone who had come into contact with the powder, according to the statement.

An analysis of the powder found it was brucine, a toxic substance that is “dangerous only when ingested,” said Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Yasmina Vanoverschelde.

“Contact with the skin poses no danger,” she said. “The persons involved who came in contact with the toxic substance are thus currently in good health.”

Police have yet to identify the senders of the letters. But prosecutors said the letters “have nothing to do with the shootings of the last few days in Brussels.” The Belgian capital has been rocked recently by a series of shootings and acts of violence that have once more raised alarm over security in the city.

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