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Migrants, including children, trickle into Ceuta

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Migrants, including children, continue to trickle into Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta on Wednesday after thousands crossed over from Morocco in the two days before, spending the night sleeping where they could find shelter.

The surge of the previous days dwindled as Moroccan border guards enforced the frontier divided by the double-wide, 10-meter (32-feet) fence.

But hundreds were still trying to find their way across the frontier.

Spanish officers fired tear gas into the buffer zone between the countries to dissuade more crossings.

Some people rowed small wooden boats to reach the beach where officers waited. Others swam.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said that it had returned more than half of the migrants.

Those included some teenagers who appeared to be under 18 that Associated Press journalists saw Spanish police usher back across the border.

Spanish law stipulates that unaccompanied minors must be taken into care of by authorities.

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