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Netanyahu: Israel paying “heavy price” for war

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his side have paid a “heavy price” for the war in Gaza; following one of its deadliest weekends of fighting so far.


Remarking on the latest numbers of Israeli troop deaths, Netanyahu said that the war in Gaza was exacting a “very heavy price” as the death toll mounted over the weekend.

Netanyahu he said his forces would continue with “full force until the end”, reiterating his goal to eliminate Hamas and ensure the safe return of hostages held in Gaza.

“Let it be clear: this will be a long war,” the Israeli prime minister added.

He also sent his condolences to the families of fallen IDF soldiers.

Israel pushed ahead on Sunday with its military campaign to destroy Hamas over the October 7 attacks, as the focus of the deadly combat shifted to southern Gaza where most displaced Palestinians are trapped.

US President Joe Biden stressed the “critical need” to protect civilians, in a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who vowed Israel would “continue the war until all of its goals have been achieved”, officials said.

As heavy fighting raged on, the Israeli army said it had struck another 200 targets in the past 24 hours in the besieged Palestinian territory where it is seeking to defeat Hamas and free remaining hostages.

The army said 153 troops had died in Gaza since it launched its ground invasion on 27 October. Ten soldiers were lost in battles on Saturday, one of the deadliest days for the Israeli side.

More than 20,000 people have been killed – mostly women and children, and 54,000 injured in Gaza since 7 October.

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