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Thousands march in Brussels and Berlin against antisemitism on Sunday

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Throughout Europe, thousands of people have joined rallies to denounce antisemitism. Brussels and Berlin showed support towards the Jewish community on Sunday.


In Brussels, the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organisations in Belgium orchestrated a march, uniting Jewish institutions in Belgium, the Belgian League Against antisemitism, and the Forum of Jewish Organisations in Antwerp. Yves Oschinsky, the president of the CCOJB, emphasised that “The aim of this march is to show the Jewish community that it is not alone”, drawing a crowd of approximately 4,000 participants.

“It’s not a march between Jews for Jews. The aim is to make politicians, who are currently misguided, understand that anti-Semitism is not an electoral asset but has an electoral cost,’’ said Joel Rubinfeld of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism.

In Berlin, a significant number of politicians, artists, and celebrities have urged people to stand against antisemitism. Despite the rain, thousands gathered with the motto “Never again is now.” 

A group monitoring antisemitism in Germany reported a substantial increase in incidents in the month following the October 7 Hamas attack, documenting a total of 994 cases, marking a 320% rise compared to the same period the previous year.

German leaders have called for solidarity with Israel and the Jewish community in Germany.

These marches occurred a few weeks after similar events took place in London, Paris, and various other cities around the world.

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