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Wildfires rage in southern Europe as soaring temperatures persist

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Wildfires in Greece and the Canary Islands, caused by heatwaves across Europe, have led to the evacuation of villages as experts warn of more high temperatures

Authorities in Greece evacuated another five villages near the north-eastern border with Turkey on Sunday as summer wildfires, which have already destroyed several homes, drew dangerously close.


Strong winds whipped up the flames and civil protection authorities warned of an “extreme” fire risk on Monday in the region around the capital, Athens, and other parts of southern Greece.

In Orotova in Tenerife, the last remnants of fires which broke out on Tuesday, were still being tackled.

Improved weather conditions helped firefighters make advances overnight in their battle to tame the blaze which has raged out of control for the past five days

Canary Islands regional President Fernando Clavijo said Sunday police had confirmed a wildfire raging on the Spanish tourist island of Tenerife was started deliberately. 

Clavijo said police had opened three lines of investigation but did not say if there had been any arrests. 

Heatwaves have continued hit areas of southern Europe including eastern France with experts suggesting the frequency of unusually late high temperatures are down to global warming.

The high temperatures are predicted to persist all week.

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