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Worst is yet to come with floods in Netherlands, Germany and Norway

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The water levels in the Rhine, which flows through sections of Germany and the Netherlands, caused severe flooding. The situation is expected to worsen by Thursday.


Rivers continued to surge in the Netherlands on Wednesday, causing floods in some parts of the country. 

The high water levels in Dutch rivers are set to cause inconvenience in the coming days, with forecasts predicting that the peak of the flooding will take place on 28 December.

In affected areas, temporary dikes were built with large sandbags to control the flow of water.

“The high water causes nuisance in various parts of the country. We are closely monitoring the situation and taking measures where necessary,” said Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands on 26 December. 

“I wish everyone in the Netherlands who is dealing with the unpleasant consequences of the heavy rainfall a lot of strength.”

Farmers in the Netherlands have warned poor weather conditions may affect the potato and sugar beet harvest.

Floods in Germany

In neighbouring Germany, several storms in quick succession meant heavy rains on already-soaked ground.

The situation in the flooded areas in the north of the country remains precarious, although meteorologists say the apex has been passed.

Near Bremen, the river Weser has burst its banks – some homes and farms on the edge of the city-state have been flooded.

Icy weather in Norway

The situation is equally dire in Norway.

Many cities are on high alert as heavy snowfall left the roads extremely slippery and dangerous, causing several traffic accidents and injuries.

Storm Henk is forecast to hit Ireland and most of the UK on Saturday, with extreme weather heading across the North Sea and reaching southern Scandinavia on Sunday morning.

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