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An estimated half a million people in Gaza are facing famine

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Nearly five months of Israel’s prolonged conflict in Gaza, has left much of the Palestinian territory in ruins, leading to a deepening humanitarian crisis.


The gravity of the situation has prompted the UN to issue a warning of a potential famine.

In response, the United States and other international governments have advocated for a surge in aid to the besieged Palestinian enclave. Given the closure of most border crossings into Gaza, they have resorted to airdrops as a means of delivering assistance.

Particularly in the heavily affected northern region, many people are struggling to obtain food for survival, amplifying international pressure on both Israel and Hamas to reach a resolution.

U.S. President Joe Biden emphasised the urgent need for increased aid to Gaza, stating, “We must get more aid into Gaza. There’s no excuse. None.”

However, aid groups report significant challenges in delivering supplies to Gaza due to Israel’s near-complete blockade and ongoing hostilities. The United Nations has issued warnings that a quarter of Gaza’s population is at risk of starvation.

Efforts by the United States, Qatar, and Egypt to broker an agreement have been ongoing, aiming for a potential release of hostages by Hamas, a six-week cease-fire, the release of Palestinian prisoners, and a substantial influx of aid to Gaza. Despite weeks of negotiations, no breakthrough has been achieved thus far.

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