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Conservative MEPs launch new ‘charter’ in Italy ahead of EU elections

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Polls are trending rightward across Europe, raising the possibility that the continent’s radicals and reactionaries could wield much more power in the next parliament.


A group of right-wing MEPs have joined together to launch a **”**Conservative Values Charter” ahead of the summer’s EU Parliament elections.

With European polls trending rightwards in numerous countries, the release of the manifesto by members of the European Conservatives and Reformists group (ECR) marks another major step in the race for European elections.

The group pointedly chose to present their manifesto in the ancient city of Subianco, which has long been associated with St Benedict – whom they credit with helping to preserve classical traditions and “the values of European conservatism”.

ECR co-chair Nicola Procaccini explained in a X post that European conservatives’ “fundamental principles” are based on “Christian values”.

Several MEPs from the group’s various parties were present. Jorge Buxadé of the right-wing Spanish party Vox, who serves as the ECR’s vice president, stressed at the event that the group’s common values override its members’ differences.

“Even if there are differences between us, if we have values in common we can work together and become the strongest group within the European Parliament,” he said, “if not in this legislature, in the next one for sure.”

Procaccini, meanwhile, said that with Viktor Orbán’s party Fidesz should not be considered beyond the pale.

“Orbán has approved all the proposed sanctions against Russia and has supported financial assistance to Ukrainian civilians,” Procaccini pointed out. “Of course, he has his own point of view on a number of issues, but he has proven to be compatible with the European system.

“Today, those who want to demonise him do so in order to weaken the opponent and win.”

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