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Danish stonemason’s eco-friendly gravestones challenge tradition

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A Danish stonemason is changing the way cemeteries and funerals contribute to CO2 emissions by designing an eco-friendly gravestone.


In Denmark, the tradition of using granite for gravestones has posed environmental challenges due to its heavy importation from countries like India and China, contributing significantly to CO2 emissions. 

However, Nikolaj Tymm-Andersen, a visionary stonemason, decided to forge a different path by replacing granite with a local resource: clay.

A change for Danish cemeteries

Tymm-Andersen’s innovative clay gravestones, which can be fired and hardened like roof tiles, have garnered acclaim, earning him multiple European design awards. 

Despite this success, he aims to further reduce carbon emissions by streamlining production processes within Denmark.

His creations are not only climate-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing, adorned in a spectrum of colours, adding a unique touch to Danish cemeteries.

The shift towards eco-friendly gravestones aligns with broader sustainability goals observed in Danish cemeteries, where traditional practices are giving way to more environmentally conscious alternatives. 

Ann Dora Meier, a cemetery manager, envisions sections adorned with climate-friendly stones, grass paths, and native perennials.

This movement reflects a larger trend across Danish cemeteries, where efforts are underway to eliminate toxic substances, transition to electric vehicles and tools, and cultivate habitats for local wildlife.

Meier advocates for sustainable choices at funerals and urns, urging relatives to consider eco-friendly options. 

With this transition, Danish cemeteries are not only embracing environmental responsibility but also fostering a connection with nature that is respectful and enduring.

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