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Hairdressers in France offer free haircuts to the homeless

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“Les coiffure du cœur” was set up five years ago and now offers services in nine French cities.


Going to the hairdresser or barber is a luxury that some people can’t afford, but in Paris’ Place de la République in the tenth arrondissement, volunteers of the association “Les coiffure du cœur” cut the hair of homeless people free of charge.

Wearing pink vests, the hairdressing professionals set up a stand, once a month, to welcome the homeless. 

“It’s really great to have people like that helping those who can’t afford it,” says Myriam, a beneficiary.

Ludovivc explains: “For the last nine months I’ve had no income… Having hairdressers like this for free is really practical”.

In five years, the association has already helped thousands of disadvantaged people get their hair done. 

Today, nine towns in France have adopted these hairdressing salons for the most disadvantaged.

“At first, we didn’t really know what would come of it, we did what many people were doing elsewhere, and then we thought, why not, we know how to do hair, we’ll give it a try, we’ll go for it,” said Hélène Boiron, President of “Coiffure du cœur”.

Willie, a volunteer hairdresser, says it’s about making people feel good; “We’re giving a little humanity back to people who are on the street, who can`t afford it, because today it’s become a luxury to have your hair done”.

Lindsay, an educator and volunteer hairdresser said she likes seeing people’s faces light up. “There are people who are used to coming now, so it’s great. It’s a time when we can talk to each other”.

Thanks to the association, one Tuesday evening a month in Paris, some forty people pass through the hands of a volunteer hairdresser, enjoying a warm and pleasant moment.

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