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US House approves 89 billion euros aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

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US House of Representatives approves 89 billion euros aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan overcoming months of internal discord.

The vote was passed 311-112 votes.

All amendments to the bill providing aid to Ukraine that would have reduced the assistance were rejected before the vote.


In a rare Saturday session, the US House of Representatives convened to tackle a pivotal decision: the approval of an 89 billion euros foreign aid package destined for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Ukraine has been running out of weapons and has warned that if it doesn’t receive more from its allies, Russia will make big advances.

With the situation growing dire, bipartisan support has become crucial, despite months of internal discord within the Republican-controlled House.

Who does the aid package benefit?

House Speaker Mike Johnson has found himself in a precarious position, trying to balance the demands of hardline Republicans with the pressing need to aid beleaguered allies.

But despite threats to his leadership, Johnson has pressed forward, recognising the significance of the aid package, not only for Ukraine but also for Israel and Taiwan.

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee said that more than a third of the total amount of the aid package for Ukraine would be dedicated to replenishing weapons and ammunition systems for the US military.

Alongside provisions for Ukraine’s defence, it also includes funds for Israel’s ongoing conflict with Palestinian militants and support for allies in the Indo-Pacific to counter China’s influence.

The bill contains measures such as sanctions and the potential transfer of seized Russian assets to Ukraine, reflecting a multifaceted approach to foreign policy challenges.

A long road to get there

Hard-line Republicans, concerned about the growing national debt and wary of further entanglement in foreign conflicts, have voiced strong opposition. Their dissent threatens to derail Johnson’s efforts.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, acutely aware of his country’s dwindling resources, has made impassioned appeals for support. Similarly, leaders from Israel and Taiwan have underscored the importance of timely assistance in the face of regional threats.

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