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Czech PM: Russian imperialism makes us nervous

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Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala delivered a warning Monday about the major threat posed by Russian imperialist foreign policy.

“The consequences of Russian aggression are manifold and to a certain extent they also affect the nervousness we feel in our country,” he said during an annual meeting with Czech ambassadors in Prague, local press reported.

“The chances for a quick resolution of the conflict turned out to be small and are getting smaller and smaller,” he added, referring to the Kremlin’s ongoing onslaught in Ukraine.

It’s not only Russia which poses a big threat to the Czech Republic, but caution is also needed over China, which has monitored the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine to use for its own interests, Fiala told the ambassadors.

He also said that Russia’s war against Ukraine might lead to a “stalemate” and a “frozen conflict.” Political cooperation with strategic allies like NATO and the EU is essential, so is continued military and civil aid to Kyiv, as well as plans for a post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, he said.

In the coming three days, Czech ambassadors, the prime minister and the foreign minister will discuss security, economic and foreign policy related issues, the war in Ukraine and EU topics.

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