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Center-left politician attacked in German library amid wave of assaults

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Another politician has been physically attacked in Germany.

Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs Franziska Giffey, from the Social Democratic Party (SPD), was injured Tuesday afternoon in an attack in a library in the German capital.

“Ms. Giffey was suddenly attacked from behind by a man in a library […] at around 4:15 p.m. with a bag filled with hard contents and hit in the head and neck,” said the police and the Berlin public prosecutor’s office in a joint report.

“The suspect then walked away. Ms. Giffey briefly went to hospital for outpatient treatment for headache and neck pain,” according to the report.

The attack on Giffey is the latest in a series of assaults against politicians in Germany ahead of June’s European Parliament election, prompting calls for better protection.

In a series of posts on X, formerly Twitter, Giffey said: “I am concerned and shocked by the increasing ‘fair game culture’ in which people who are politically active and engaged in our country are increasingly exposed to supposedly justified and acceptable attacks.”

“There is no justification for these attacks. They are a transgression that we as a society must firmly oppose,” she added.

German politicians have condemned the attack, including Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner who said “anyone who attacks politicians is attacking our democracy. We will not accept that. We will oppose all forms of violence, hatred and incitement and protect our democracy.”

“We will discuss consequences in the Senate, including harsher penalties for attacks on politicians,” he added.

Last week, Matthias Ecke, a leading Socialist candidate for the election, was hospitalized after being attacked by a group of four young men in the eastern German city of Dresden while putting up campaign posters.

“Attacks on elected officials have increased in recent years, hate comments are being made on social media and verbal violence is laying the groundwork for physical violence,” said Stephan Weh, head of the Berlin police union.

He added:  “We need better criminal protection for public officials and elected representatives, strengthening of police and judiciary personnel.”

Investigations are ongoing, police said.

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