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Donald Trump hasn’t offered me a job, Nigel Farage says

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LONDON — Nigel Farage ruled out taking a job from Donald Trump if the former U.S. president returns to the White House next January.

The Brexiteer, who is campaigning ahead of the U.K.’s general election on July 4 on behalf of Reform UK, has repeatedly flirted with a gig stateside.

But he made clear that he hasn’t been offered anything by the Republican presidential hopeful an official capacity.

“I have been offered jobs in America,” Farage told Times Radio when grilled on his plans. “That is true, but not directly by him.”

Farage insisted he would not accept a job if one was offered directly by the Trump campaign. “I don’t think that would be appropriate,” he said. “You know, I’m British, not American.”

Speaking later at a campaign event in Dover, Kent, Farage said: “I wouldn’t become an official Trump adviser if he was elected.”

But he added: “Unofficially, why not?”

Earlier this month, Farage claimed he had a “firm job offer” from the United States which was “very, very tempting” and heavily involved with Trump’s re-election bid. The broadcaster last week declined to stand for parliament in order to “help with the grassroots campaign” in America.

Last month, Farage told an audience he “can’t remember” whether Trump had offered him a job and previously said he’d serve as U.K. ambassador to the U.S. if required to bridge relations between a potential Labour government and Republican White House. Labour is highly unlikely to give that one consideration if it wins the British vote in July.

Farage and Trump go way back.

He was the first U.K. politician to meet Trump after his election victory in November 2016. Trump sent Farage a 60th birthday video message last month. The Brexit campaigner has interviewed the former president on multiple occasions, most recently at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in March.

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