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For the first episode of the year, host Aggie Chambre goes inside right-wing TV channel GB News and investigates the role it might play in shaping the future of the U.K. Conservative Party. And she looks at the scandals, controversy and culture that has surrounded the channel so far. 

With the help of the channel’s chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos, and former presenters including Simon McCoy and Guto Harri, Aggie tells the story of how the organization went from a chaotic launch to finding its place in the media landscape.

GB News host, and founder of the Reform UK party, Nigel Farage, boasts of the “extraordinary” freedom he enjoys at the organization, while his colleague Lee Anderson, a Tory MP, says GB News has given unrepresented viewers a “safe space” to go. 

Former Labour MP and current GB News presenter Gloria De Piero and Conservative Home’s Henry Hill look ahead to the election, and discuss the impact the channel could have in the upcoming year.

And former BBC Westminster boss Katy Searle, and former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, compare the channel to America’s Fox News, and ponder whether regulator Ofcom should be doing more to intervene. 

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