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Sweden gives more than €1B in Ukraine military aid

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The Swedish government today announced its 16th military aid package to Ukraine that includes early warning aircraft, missiles and air defense systems — a reaction to Russia’s ongoing offensive.

“Sweden will donate a new military capability to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense. Package 16 will be the largest military aid package yet at €1.16 billion. Sweden will donate Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft (ASC 890) to Ukraine,” tweeted Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

The early warning aircraft will work with the F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine will receive this year, he said.

Sweden will also donate an undisclosed number of Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) used in ground-based and air defense systems, 155mm artillery ammunition and resources to maintain previously donated equipment, as well as its entire stock of PBV 302 armored tracked personnel carriers to support the formation of new Ukrainian units.  

The Swedish Defence Research Agency will help Ukraine establish its own defense research institute. Sweden will also strengthen Ukraine’s command and control capability by donating terminals with satellite communications subscriptions.

“The donation will entail a temporary decrease in Sweden’s defense capability, which will be addressed by procuring additional S 106 GlobalEye aircraft and advancing previous orders for two new GlobalEye aircraft. Sweden will also purchase new armored vehicles and missiles to replace the donated ones,” the ministry said.

 Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Sweden has provided  43.5 billion krone (€3.8 billion) to Ukraine. It allows Ukraine to use those weapons on Russian soil.

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