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LootING Bank: well-known international bank fell into a scandal in eastern Europe

by editor

For almost 2 years, the Kyiv office of the ING Bank has been under close attention of the press and the public due to a great scandal related to the illegal sale of mortgage property and other property of its employees. The reporters’ repeated appeals to the Bank’s management regarding a briefing or interview to clarify the situation around the ING Bank were answered that the Bank does not have such an opportunity. Therefore, a group of independent journalists decided to conduct their own investigation.

Protesters near the Kyiv office of the ING Bank

For the maximum immersion in the issue, we began to attend all court hearings with the participation of the ING Bank, its representatives and executors, and began to carefully analyze the whole range of methods used against ordinary citizens. We have collected insider information from the bank itself, from honest judges, received comments from law enforcement officials and affected citizens. And a year later, the whole picture of what was happening became as clear as possible.

ING Human Equation

At first, the fact that all the noise around the bank started for $20,000, which the debtor was ready to pay, was a big surprise. As it turned out, the issue is not a $20,000 for bank, but much larger amounts to oneself. Fraudsters from the bank just need a legal precedent to include their schemes. And when we got a deeper understanding of the issue, our assumption was fully confirmed, this is the scheme of top managers of the bank when, through legal services, moreover, by a company of doubtful level and reputation, money is “earned” in a personal pocket. And if cranking out this scheme, then the amount of “earnings” can be almost any and against the background of the ING Bank’s huge turnover, these funds will simply not be noticeable.

Moreover, all withdrawn funds of the bank can be partially or almost completely returned to the bank through repressive actions by selling everything that the debtor and his relatives have, then “everything fits together” and no one will notice anything. And for the “laundered” funds the debtor will pay with his property.

This scheme and working methods are typical for the Russian Alfa Bank and, as it turned out, for the Netherlands financial group as well. Before that, there were only two common features, both organizations are banks and they have the same colors of state flags. And now there is a third similarity, looting and cynicism in pirate methods and approaches, and a total corruption connection with pro-government structures and courts.

We have found that the implementation of this scheme is possible only with the organization and patronage of it at the highest state level, which indicates a corruption relationship between representatives of the executive branch of Ukraine and ING Bank of Ukraine. Therefore, relying solely on the facts of the participants in these events, we want to open the eyes of society to the activities of the Bank, which is engaged in cynical silent looting, while reciting to the world information environment the fact how much the Bank is concerned about the fate of people with violated rights and social responsibility to society.

But in fact, there is a global violation of all fundamental constitutional rights, a violation of the rights of minor children, a violation of the right to private property and an honest court, and all this for one greedy purpose – money laundering.

This is how the scheme works

We tried to show on the diagram an approximate scheme of the work of this entire “corruption machine for knocking out money and denude of property” among ordinary people who had problems with mortgage loans.

We do not exclude that it has a more complex structure. Each element of the scheme has its own role and its own material interest. And this entire repressive juggernaut falls upon a ordinary citizen of the country, caught in which, he has to rely only on the observance of the legal rights of citizens, legal decisions of courts, commissions and law enforcement agencies, which are the only instrument for his defense.

But in this case one does not have to rely on legality. There are particularly corrupt and cynical structures operating according to a well-developed interaction scheme, in particular, the Kiev Court of Appeal, the Department of Registration and Notariat, and the Compulsory Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which “even” and “correct” “failures” and “inaccuracies”, made under the raider scheme, in which, in particular, the European Bank takes part.

Over the past year, two criminal cases have been opened against representatives of the bank by the National Police of Ukraine on the illegal sale of a mortgage apartment with a registered minor child and the illegal sale of another’s real estate on the pretext of the property of the debtor.

Moreover, the ING Bank was repeatedly officially informed of the illegal actions of its representatives. Nevertheless, the Bank is silent and continues to finance illegal actions, to buy court decisions and commissions for “legitimizing lawlessness”, so, is everybody in the mix? Or is corruption and hypocrisy probably an element of European values?

You opinion?

PS. Information for Skeptics

Here is a confirmation that the indicated people from the company KPD Consulting work for the ING Bank – this is a power of attorney to represent the interests of the bank in all state bodies. Also all mentioned people listed as team members on on official website of KPD Consulting.

The power of attorney from ING Bank to KPD Consulting workers

The following is also an extract from the criminal case against Andrii Ivanov, who is also a representative of KPD Consulting and works for ING Bank.

Extract from the criminal case against Andrii Ivanov

To be continued…..

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