Home Globe The failed personnel and information policy of the Ministry of Health led to the development of paranoia and anti-virus movements in people – Igor Kryvoruchko

The failed personnel and information policy of the Ministry of Health led to the development of paranoia and anti-virus movements in people – Igor Kryvoruchko

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Today in Kyiv (Ukraine) under the Ministry of Health activists from all regions took part in the action “For Responsible Vaccination and Transparent Anti-Corruption Policy”, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to the problems of vaccination and treatment of patients with coronavirus, which the Ministry of Health is silent about, reports NW.

Protesters from all over the country chanted slogans and marked themselves with creative posters calling for decisive action.

As one of the organizers of the rally, public figure Ihor Kryvoruchko, told the media, the aim of the action is to force the authorities and the Ministry of Health to correct mistakes and start a responsible, transparent and clear policy on the most acute issues around the coronavirus epidemic.

The pace and quality of vaccination in Ukraine lags far behind European standards. People, for the most part, distrust the authorities and try to avoid vaccination. Many turn to fraudsters. And the leadership of the Ministry of Health is to blame for this. According to him, if coronavirus vaccines and drugs are tested under the simplified procedure, respectively, information on the progress of research and possible side effects should be publicly available. In Ukraine, there is already a recorded case of coronavirus strain “Omicron”. Because of this, there is a threat of a new wave of epidemics. The introduction of a booster dose may be a safeguard for the vaccinated population, but most Ukrainians have received one vaccination or not at all. The reason for this is distrust in the national health care system. Many citizens of Ukraine have negative personal experiences of interaction with the public sector of medicine, and therefore are vulnerable to various conspiracy theories. Certification of coronavirus vaccines and drugs follows a simplified procedure, and before receiving the vaccination, the potential vaccine signs a waiver of claims. As a result, society believes in the conversion trail of planes, which spreads the coronavirus and the conspiracy of multinational corporations with the Ukrainian authorities“, – explains his position public figure.

In order to prevent the spread of such theories and to effectively counter new challenges, activists from the NGO “European Country” demand an open register of possible side effects for vaccines and drugs that are undergoing the simplified registration procedure.

I believe that it will be fair and responsible to cancel the waiver of claims to the vaccine manufacturer or provide state insurance in case of possible complications“, – said Igor Kryvoruchko.

In addition, in an appeal to the Ministry of Health, he proposed to resume the development of Ukrainian vaccines and drugs against coronavirus by state research institutes.

“I appeal to Minister Lyashko to explain where the Ukrainian drugs and vaccines, the creation of which was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky, are? Why is this question silenced? At least, it has long been possible to organize the production of anti-cancer drugs at domestic facilities, which would provide jobs and save budget”, – said the organizer of the action.

During the rally, activists called for the punishment of those responsible for the lack of oxygen in hospital departments in November this year, which led to complications, and to stop pressure on the chief physician of the Mykolaiv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital Svetlana Fedorov, who publicly spoke about the problem.

I consider that unfair dismissal and pressure on the chief doctor of the Nikolaev hospital Svetlana Fedorov is an inadmissible mistake which has to be corrected immediately. To save face, Minister Lyashko must take this responsible and courageous doctor to a leading position in the Ministry of Health, where, I am sure, she can bring a lot of benefits“, – Ihor Kryvoruchko summed up his position in an interview with the media.

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