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Socialist Party wants bonus for Eco-friendly companies

by editor
In an interview in La Dernière heure Saturday, the PS president announces his party’s 30 measures for “the planet and those who inhabit it,” in view of the May 26 elections.
One of these measures proposes companies’ allocations to be linked to their efforts towards sustainable development. 

“A company that can reduce its CO2 emissions would receive a financial bonus,” Elio Di Rupo explains. “We are finished with these CO2 quotas which companies may trade between themselves to increase their right to pollute.” 

Other suggested measures are: labeling every consumer product with its ecological footprint; introducing environmental, social and ethical clauses in procurement contracts; or even offering zero interest loans for installing insulation. 

To finance these measures, Elio Di Rupo proposes a progressive tax (starting at 0.4%) on legacies worth over 1.25 million — excluding private homes or professional activity. This tax would harvest between 700 million and 1.3 billion euros, according to the PS president. 

Finally, Elio Di Rupo says what he thinks of a possible coalition with the N-VA. “I have never said never. That’s a word I do not use in politics, but we will do everything in our power to not… govern with them.”

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