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Beware of scammING. Dirty money of famous bank

by editor

The journalists established the fact that the ING Bank employee Sergei Sokolov, who until 2012 worked in the Kyiv office together with Elena Mikhalchenko, is a possible “juggler” who, working in Amsterdam from 2012 to 2020, had the opportunity to hide the truth about the situation in Kyiv. Also, we do not exclude that they could use their tandem for other “commercial” relations between the central and regional offices. Sergei Sokolov could agree on inflated budgets for Kyiv, while Elena Mikhalchenko could launder that money in Ukraine. Since October 2020, Sergey Sokolov has returned to the Kyiv office. Let us remind you that the ING bank has had problems with money laundering several times.

As written previously, top managers of ING Bank’s Kyiv office decided to “earn extra money” on the mortgage problems of their employees and got into a corruption scandal in Ukraine. To implement this plan, top managers of the Kyiv office entered into a corrupt relationship with representatives of the Ministry of Justice through the law firm KPD Consulting, which is an intermediary between business and officials. The result of this relationship has already been covered by us. Now let’s talk about other details that were not included in the previous article.

In March 2019, Mark Rutte and Ralph Hammers were notified in writing regarding the violations of the law, but have done nothing to resolve the issue. Of course, this is not the question of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, however, it is he who is responsible for the country’s image in the international arena. But the inaction of Ralph Hammers is quite perplexing.

At this time, the management of the Kyiv office of the bank was mired in a corruption conspiracy with officials of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice

The bank’s management is either a hypocrite in front of society or, by tacit consent, is a participant in schemes for earning money using corruption tactics, banditry, and fraud.

For 19 months, we did not receive a single response to requests to SEO ING Group, the bank’s complaints service simply imitated concerns about the issue and sent them back to the scammers in the Kyiv office of ING Bank, and they, in turn, continued looting. Moreover, the management of ING Bank rejected all offers of journalists to meet and conduct interviews on this pressing issue. It turns out that ING Bank also participates in this theft, moreover, even finances it. Or is this simply ING Bank’s international program?

Silence means agreement. Perhaps the new CEO of the ING bank is not yet aware of this problem. But the issue here is not just regarding a few employees, but of a global and long-term systemic failure of the entire vertical of management and control in regional divisions. Of course, all these long-term and negative aspects put together will give a consolidated negative result of the work of the entire group and as a result, distrust of clients and partners of the bank! This is without taking into account the violated moral and ethical norms and freedoms of citizens. The “game of ostrich” on the part of ING Bank only accumulates an exponentially negative effect. Not noticing a problem does not mean its absence.

As we previously reported, several criminal cases have been opened on the actions of the bank’s representatives. The lawyers of KPD Consulting tried their best to close one of the criminal cases against a private contractor, Andrey Ivanov.

And they, by means of the investigator’s “personal interest”, even managed to do it. But on September 15, 2020, the investigating judge, by his ruling, canceled the closure of the criminal case against the representative of ING Bank and, citing a flagrant violation of the law, resumed investigative actions on him (case No. 12019100003496). The investigation has continued and has already been reclassified as a crime organized by a group of persons. The bank may have run out of money to bribe judges.

The highest cynicism, the bank takes on the balance sold property, for which a criminal case has been opened against the representatives of the bank. Apparently this is the norm for ING Bank?

The next litigation, which was initiated by the bank on November 20, 2020, ended with a tough refusal of the court to satisfy all additional requirements from the ING Bank and once again showed the flawed and insolvent position of the bank. Moreover, the court has repeatedly made remarks to the bank’s representatives about inappropriate behavior in the courtroom, who treated the court with impoliteness and tried to block the journalists’ access to the courtroom repeatedly. What caused this edginess?

Please note! We will show by what methods ING Bank used to obtain the necessary decisions of the courts and state structures of Ukraine to justify its criminal actions. This is just a small fragment of one of the numerous correspondences of KPD Consulting lawyers recorded during the internal group trials in VIBER: KPD-LITIGATION. Miroshnichenko Inna (who was in court) is in correspondence with Maksim Cherednichenko – KPD lawyers representing the interests of ING Bank and Ivanov, a private contractor acting in the interests of ING Bank.

This correspondence clearly shows the corruption link between KPD Consulting and the Ministry of Justice. It says that KPD consulting repeatedly cancels the legal registration of the right to real estate, through the registration “pocket” commission of the Ministry of Justice, moreover, please note: “We are canceling the registration again”, “do not say that”, “they do not need to know” everything is done behind the back of the opponent and with a 100% guarantee! Collusion, bribery, or is it the same integral system of theft in the country organized by the leadership of the Ministry of Justice with the direct participation of the Netherlands Bank, loudly declaring the observance of Human rights?

* This video shows a judge conducting a court session in a private office, not in a courtroom! Removes the journalist from the court session, where the illegal actions of representatives of ING Bank are being considered. And they, in turn, are trying to close the door so that the whole truth about unlimited decisions would remain hidden from journalists and society!

The judges, in particular of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, who writhe in corruption as officials of the Ministry of Justice, managed to establish such facts in court proceedings that they could not know about. Also, the arguments and inconvenient facts of opponents have been dismissed by the court. Meanwhile, all details of the decisions of these judges were scrupulously written out with the establishment of illegal prejudice, especially for the decisions that have aided the interests of ING Bank! By the court? An investigator? NO!

Prejudice or predetermined force is a legal term that means the recognition of the circumstances established by a judicial act when considering subsequent cases without additional verification.

After conducting 5 independent attributions (international, certified in Ukraine programs-linguistic analyzers) of motivational texts of court decisions of the above courts and the police, as well as documents that were submitted to the courts, it was possible to establish with a probability of 99.85% all texts were written by two people. The same two people who have written in the interests of ING Bank and private contractor Ivanov A.V. responses to the courts, appeals, additional explanations, motions, statements of claim, etc. – these are the lawyers of KPD Consulting and representatives of ING Bank, Maxim Cherednichenko and Viktor Ivanyuk. Isn’t clear evidence of egregious corruption and collusion?

Moreover, without exception, the property of all family members is sold as the property of the debtor. And in the official documents for sale, the bank representatives have written that this property is “nobody’s property”, since the registry system does not allow the possibility of sale without legal grounds, and since there are none, we write it down as “nobody’s!” This is fraud in the interests of ING Bank and representatives of ING Bank, receiving funds from the sale of the property to the bank’s account has already been recorded!

And what about the Kyiv Banking office? The bank has turned into a family business for Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Elena Mikhalchenko, and her closest colleagues. In this business, she organizes the process, and her daughter, as a legal advisor, is in control so that neither information nor money goes beyond the family circle. The bank is Dutch, and the motives are Ukrainian. Recall that at the time of the change in the bank’s management in 2018, Elena Mikhalchenko, acting as the chairman of the bank’s board, organized a scheme to launder the bank’s funds through dubious legal services of the above-mentioned legal company KPD consulting. According to the data obtained by journalists from their sources, it was established that the top managers of ING Bank “laundered” approximately one to three million Euros through this legal company via “dubious” legal services and at an inflated rate.

Only two episodes. Illegally sold apartment – a criminal case is open! Representatives of the ING bank, for money, persuaded the investigator to close the case. The court canceled the closure of the case and resumed the investigation. Investigators flee the court and hide the case materials. Why, if everything is legal?

According to forged documents, a land plot was illegally sold – a second criminal case was opened! A recourse of 50,000 euros has been issued. The bank’s representatives in every possible way block the possibility of obtaining documentary facts through a corruption conspiracy with officials of the Ministry of Justice. Why, if everything is legal?

Moreover, a number of employees of the Kiev office are aware of everything that is happening, moreover, in great detail. And they are trying to hide as much as possible with the decisions of the purchased courts! Why, if everything is legal?

This means that it is ING Bank that finances and stands behind all this lawlessness!

To summarize, the bank’s representatives have 2 open criminal cases, a huge number of forged documents, fabricated decisions, hidden corrections, manipulation of information, violations of the law, etc. And these are all criminal acts as part of an international organized criminal group to obtain material benefits with confirmed facts of its receipt on the current account!

Evaluating all the actions of the representatives of the European bank in Ukraine, the conclusion suggests a very strange understanding of empathy. Especially when the bank’s management was repeatedly notified of all violations of the law, corruption collusion, forgery of documents by bank representatives, restriction of freedoms, manipulation of information or evasion of its provision by bank employees.

Moreover, the current situation with ING Bank Ukraine has already gone beyond the borders of Ukraine, and a number of European Internet publications have shown great interest in this issue. They requested extensive information regarding the criminal actions of employees and representatives of ING Bank Ukraine, realizing that ING Bank employees could organize the same chaos, at least in all the countries of the former CIS, where ING Bank is represented. We are waiting for the results of the investigation of our European colleagues.

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